Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How "Green" am I?

How "Green" am I? I would love to say that I am a hemp wearing chemical-free using chick, but truth be told on a scale to 1 to 10 I am a 3. It's not easy changing your whole life, but it is doable.

If an Eco-friendly guru walked into my home they could tell I am not totally "green." Sure, I use Eco-friendly products but I have my guilty pleasures, IE: Herbal Essenes shampoo. I recycle but sometimes I throw a can in the trash by accident. I am a mother of two, I am lucky I haven't trashed my keys. I am way to poor to buy all organic groceries. It breaks my heart to feed my children and dog less than wholesome but they have to eat!

So what's a "Green" girl like me supposed to do? I want to be a vital component in saving the Earth but sometimes I am just hopeless. Maybe we all feel this ways, but I have a plan! Sure changing one's habits is hard but if I set a goal and meet it then little by little I will be "Green."

So here are some of my long term goals....

Be off the Grid (meaning use solar energy)
Have a compost
Grow my own food

Some of my short term goals are to....
not use plastic bags
reduce and reuse things I have
find a "Green" product to replace Herbal Essenes

Wish me luck!