Friday, June 5, 2009

Earth 2100

Watched Earth 2100...and WHOO! It was such an eye opener to the future we are leaving our children if we don't act now! We have felt indestructible. We were wrong. Our Earth is strong but even she can't stand up to our destructive ways. We have got to work together to make a change. So how do we do save our Earth?

The answers are not simple. Our countries' leaders have to do a great deal of the leg work. America needs to set the example which means we have to make an example. Start with baby steps. Choose to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Choose cloth over plastic! By doing this we are choosing our children's future on this beautiful Earth. We are weak as a separate entity but as a whole we can undo what we've done wrong.

Obviously the hardest task are letting the government know that we want change and we want it now. A good way to do this is buy letting your money do the talking. Every time you go to the store buy an item that is "Green" or organic. Supply and Demand. Get together with your friends and family and start talking. We need to have more conversations and more education on this issue. We can do it, people. We can make the change, we can save our Earth. Together, we can do anything!