Monday, June 1, 2009

How do I let others know?

Yesterday, my kids and I went to Giants. It was your average grocery run. Bee was fussy, Jr was "too" helpful, and I was tired. I could not have expected the impact that yesterday's trip would have on me.

The first isle is dedicated to organic foods. Everyone seems to think that organic only pertains to fruits and veggies but organic isn't that limited. You can even by organic cookies now a days. Well, I double checked my budget and I splurged on organic cereal and organic applesauce. I felt proud to spend the extra two dollars on yummy Eco-conscientious treats. Then I was off to the other isle to buy the more affordable products.

I find myself being very judgemental as I witness others make less than Eco-friendly choices. I wanna poke them and show them that even a broke Naval housewife like myself is buying Earth friendly products. I cringe as I watch haggard mothers buy individual packages when it would be so wonderful for them to buy in bulk. Reusable containers are so cute and personal, anyways. And then my heart bleeds when I get to the cleaner isle. Shouldn't everyone know there are "greener" cleaners available . Vinegar, for example, is not only cheaper but more effective! I wanted to scream at the elderly woman that throws 12 paper towels into the buggy and smiled as she said, "That might last me a month!" Good lord, what does she do with those paper towels? My judgemental self wonders why people are not enlightened like me. Then I remember that it was only a year ago that I too was piling the buggy full of paper towels and hoping it would last the month.

The hardest part of "Going Green" is letting others know what they can do to help save our Earth without sounding like your "Going Nuts." I wanted to march up to the Grandmother and explain the long lasting effects of her paper towel consumption and slip organic treats into the haggard mother's baskets as I passed. I am sure they care about the Earth as much as I do, but I didn't do any of these things because I enjoy shopping and want to continue shopping at Giant. So, what can I do? How can I reach people without seeming like the crazy lady? I just don't know.