Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gas Guzzlers

Got this tidbit while Twittering: GoingGreenToday Driving: every gallon of Gas you use=20 Pounds of co2: The U.S. avg is 22 mpg for a car.----Ouch!--every mile we drive is 1 lb of co2

I watch the Eco channel and read about how to change our environment, but reading it put this way....I was shocked. I've been in a vehicle all my life. The idea that something I am so accustomed to is so harmful for our Earth and our future seems unreal.

Now the average vehicle gets 22 mpg, but I don't drive the average vehicle. My family owns a Dodge Durango that gets about 15 mpg. Not only does my husband drive the car back and forth to work which is five miles each way but our family does errand runs in that gas guzzler. I just feel so plagued with guilt this moment. Why is it the more I learn the harder this whole "green" business seems?

We can't get rid of our truck, for reasons such as it's almost payed off and it's the perfect size. We need a big vehicle to tote us around and we can't afford the big vehicles that are Eco-friendly. So what is a family like us supposed to do?

In my search for traveling options I ran upon a great article. You can find this article at Hopefully, you'll find it as useful as I have. Unfortunately, my non-Eco-friendly vehicle may be with us for awhile but there are ways I can cut my carbon foot print down.

Making one big trip instead of a thousand tiny ones.
If the place is within walking distance then I vow to walk!
If someone hands me a million dollars I will trade in the dodge for a hybrid. LOL. Yeah, right.

For now, doing my best is all I can offer. I truly hope whoever reads this will want to offer the same. Simple changes can save the World.