Sunday, July 19, 2009

ice age?

I know the North's weather isn't as sizzly hot as the South but this is insain. 60 degree nights in JULY? It's maddness. Where's my hot sultry tanning weather? Some say we are working our way into a new ice age. That's why the weather is so unusual.

I imagine my self permanatly frozen in my Dodge Durango with an oreo in my mouth. Historians 100s of years from now will point and blame. They will go through my home and see my cell phone plugged into the wall, three computers running, lights left on, my husband frozen over the sink brushing his teeth with the water running, and my sons frozen to the TV. We honestly are trying to "green up" our lives but historians will taste bile in their mouth as they peruse our electronic burdened home. They will point fingers and say "You, you are the reason our Earth looks like poo!" They will be partially right. I am a part of the collective that is finding it hard to change at such a crucial point in history. Will we be too late?