Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feeling Green but not acting Green

Since my last post I found out I am going to be blessed with my thrid child. This is great news. The throwing up 24/7, well not so much. It's been a rough time. And the doc apts are insain. I don't remember visiting the doc so much. I ve gone to two apts this week and still have one left. So besides feeling Green Im not acting very Green.

First the smell of food is the number one enemy so Ive fixed the children frozen meals for the last two weeks b/c I can't handle cooking. (NOT GREEN) Plus, all the driving over creation...Bad carbon footprint! Sending Nick for takeout...Bad carbon footprint! And like flushing the toliet a thousand times per throwup...not good water use. Who knew having a baby, something so natural, could be so UNGREEN! What's a prego to do?

Well, it's a struggle. I've got a lot of balls in the air but I won't let myself feel overwhelmed. I am challenging my self to have a very Green pregnancy. Any ideas? Advice? Come on people, it's gotta be possiable!