Sunday, November 15, 2009

Attack of the Green Monster!

Every mom does it. We don't want to and we hardly ever admit it..but we all are in competition with each other. Each and every one of us wants to be a better mother than the neighbor. It might be who discipline better, dresses their kids better, or plays with their child better. Moms love to one up each other. Well, I had my moment the other day. I was so envious because I realized another mother had if figured out better than I.

Normally, I work very hard to provide healthy lunches. I don't like to feed my kids a lot of processed junk. But when faced with the on the go moments I do tend to grab the easiest thing..and that is usually crap. So for Jr's field trip I packed some chips and peanut butter bagels. The kids were delighted..a rare treat of junk always has them on cloud nine. I looked around the lunch table and realized that the other mothers had packed similar lunches. So I breathed a sigh of relief...I'm not the only mom that can't figure the on the go meals. Then uber hippie mom sits down. She unfolds her lunch bag and provides for her child nuts, lettuce and tomato sandwich, and an orange. Why didn't I think to do that????? She had no salty dollar store chips! She didn't use yucky plastic bags! She had reusable wear! There was no water bottle she had a reusable cup filled with juice. I was so jealous that I didn't do that! An ugly green monster reared it's ugly ugly head. Why does it gotta be so damn hard to be green?